Guide To Choose The Best Domain Hosting Service For Business Website


Why should we use the best domain hosting services? Convenience and experience may be the answer to that question. A website with a good domain hosting service gives you more convenience in managing it. As for the experience point of view, it is related to your website visitor. Good domain hosting will provide the best performance. Thus, your website visitor will get better navigation, speed, and appearance. That will make them feel satisfied which will give them a good visiting experience.

For that reason, choosing the best service for domain and email hosting is necessary, especially for a business website. You get two elements that your business website needs to engage with the customer. That also increases your transaction probability. Here, we will help you to know more about how to find and choose the best service for your website.

Choosing the Right Prices

Prices are one of and maybe the first things you should consider when you search for the best hosting service for your website. The hosting prices will tell you how much money you should prepare to keep your website running. So, how much should you use as the base to choose the service?

For example, Hostinger has $1.39 per month for its basic shared hosting. And, that basic package includes everything that you need from huge storage to one website for free. Therefore, you can use that number as the base to decide which service you want to use. Then, compare them and choose the service that you can afford. That’s how you get the cheapest domain and hosting.

Find the Service with the Best Features

Best hosting and domain service will give you all features you will need to run your website. There are many of those features. However, you can look for these three features to choose the service for your website. Those features are:

- Storage and Bandwidth

Make sure that the website domain and hosting service provide unlimited bandwidth and storage. Those two are necessary to ensure that your website runs smoothly. That will give your visitor the best experience, which makes them return and visit your website in the future. It also ensures that your website runs well at the time when the web traffic increases.

- Servers

The best hosting and domain service also provide high spec servers. Make sure you check the specification of the hardware they use for their server. High spec means your website can run smoothly and at high performance all the time. It is an essential thing, especially for you who use the virtual or shared hosting service type.

- Domain

You also need a service where you can get a domain for free. That helps you a lot and saves more time. Without this feature, you have to register the domain by yourself, which also can cost you more than it should be. The service with the domain in its package will help you to do that, so you have to pay for their package and that’s all.

- Updated System 

Avoid the domain and hosting service that offers the old operating system on their server. Find one that uses the latest system because it will be easier to integrate and pair it with various programs that you can find these days. It improves your website efficiency. Plus, you also can make it more dynamic with the addition of a new program.

- Customer Support

Another essential factor to consider is customer support. Pay attention to how they treat their customers. All the best domain hosting services always provide the best customer support. They prioritize customer satisfaction because they know that the customer is the core of their business. It may be a bit hard to do without trying it yourself. However, you can always rely on many review websites to get an image of how their customer support works.

Customer support should be able to assist anytime the customer needs it. For example, you have a problem setting up a domain. You can call them and ask for help to deal with the problem. A good domain and hosting service will provide the answer and even guidelines that you can use right away. Therefore, find a hosting service that has a hotline or real-time chatting tool. That shows you how they are always ready to help their customers.  

- Uptime

You also want to buy domain name and hosting at a place that provides a high uptime. You may expect 100%, so your website will work smoothly all the time. However, you won’t find a hosting service that has this kind of feature. All of them will only offer 99.9% at max for their uptime level.
It is reasonable because you won’t know what could happen in the future. Maybe, there is heavy traffic that lowers your bandwidth even for a second, which makes 100% uptime impossible to achieve. So, find the service with that 99.9% uptime, and you are good to go.

Including Email Package

A business website or a website where you promote your professional service will need an email address. Your customer can use that to communicate with you. Therefore, when you want to use the hosting and domain service, make sure they also offer the domain and email package.
This offer allows you to create an email address by using your website name as the email domain name. Why do you need it? This email address shows your professionalism. It also displays your website or brand name, which you can use as a marketing tool.

Yes, you can use free business email without domain, for example using a Gmail address. However, that will lower your position in front of the market and customers. You will have a problem gaining their trust with a free email service like that. In the end, your business will have a hard time getting more customers and profit.

Fortunately, you can find many hosting services that offer free business email domains. Some of them are those big and popular names. So, you can count on their service and performance. However, you may have to choose the paid one for better security and more features. You will need it for your business to grow.

Find the Place to Get the Services

Now, you are ready to get the domain name and email hosting. The next step you should do is choosing the place to buy the service. The easy solution is to buy it at the official website of the hosting service that you choose. It is safe and you also get help from the customer support team.
On the other hand, many websites also offer help for buying a domain and hosting service. They even offer various bonuses and discounts. However, make sure that you choose a reliable and trusted place. You can use the review or testimonial to find the best website to buy domain.  


Finding and choosing the best domain hosting services is indeed tricky. You have to consider all factors we mentioned above before spending your money. Asking for help from an expert is also a good idea. Make sure you do everything to get the best service because it will give you a good start to build your website.

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