6 Easy Steps to Buy the Best Domain Hosting Services for Beginners

How to choose the best domain hosting services? Domain and hosting are 2 things that cannot be separated if talking about blogs or websites. Yes, if you want to create a blog or a website, no matter what the purpose, and decide to monetize it, domain and hosting are things to prepare first.

For beginners, it is probably quite confusing when hearing terms like domain and hosting. Before trying to get the cheapest domain and hosting, it is better to know the definition of both. Domain refers to the name or the address of a website. For example, there are websites namely onlineshop.com or celebfashion.com. Those names are technically domains of the blog or website. The domain is given to guide visitors to enter the web location. Well, the location where the web is placed in the hosting anyway.

To make a blog or a website that can be simply visited, the domain and hosting applied must have good quality. They must feature tools to support the web to get a high rank on Google and other search engines. Indeed, it is possible to get a domain for free. However, the features are commonly fewer and worse than the paid or the premium ones. Below, there is simple guidance to buy hosting and domain for beginners. Check them out.

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Go to a Trusted Domain and Hosting Provider

Currently, you can see so many providers or companies offer their hosting and domain products. Just Google it. But the question is, is the company really good and offering qualified products. It is better not to be easily tempted by discounts or cheap prices including for the domain and email hosting. To know whether the provider you choose is trusted, the easiest thing is by reading reviews or testimonials.
Compare some providers if you need it. You should compare several components including the disk capacity, security system, trial version, and many more. It is not bad to spend more time before buying so that you can really get the best one. You can even start it by buying the free one to know if the provided is really recommended or not. Sure, after that, make sure to buy the paid one.

Consider Specs Available

The next tip to buy domain name and hosting is by considering the specs available. Let’s say you have found a very recommended provider domain and hosting. The next thing to do is learning about product packages available. The provider commonly provides some packages starting from the free to the most expensive one. Of course, the most expensive one will give you all the best features and tools.
But even if there is the most expensive one, it doesn’t mean you must choose that one. You must choose a package in which the specs are suitable for the website you make. For a personal blog or website, the capacity needed is small for sure. Therefore, you don’t need to buy a product package with a capacity of up to 48GB since it will be useless.

On the other hand, you should not also pick a product package with a small capacity while you want to make an online store. How if your needs for the specs are changed later? Don’t worry, in case you want to upgrade the hosting even from the free business email without domain, it is very possible.

Consider Whether to Have SSH and Cache Features or Not

Some features are essential to have but some others are not in hosting. Therefore, you must also learn about features offered to avoid being disappointed later. For the best domain hosting services, consider also whether you need to have SSH and Cache features or not. 

SSH is known also as a secure shell that enables you to take a look at server activities. Besides, it is also possible for the owner to monitor, watch the directory, and see the jobs of the server. In other words, you can access your own site. It sounds interesting, isn’t it? Yes, but it doesn’t mean you must have that. Moreover, it is if you cannot set up your own website technically. Learning about it is a good thing but it may take time. So, if you don't want to be puzzled with technical things, this website domain and hosting feature is not really important to have.

Another feature where you must think well to have or not is the caching feature, known also as cache. Generally, this feature is important as it helps you fasten the dynamic web. Particularly, if your web layout has many tools, features, and navigation, a cache is indeed needed. But how if the blog or the web is just simple? It looks like the cache feature is not really needed. Some types of cache features even make the hosting size bigger and the price more expensive.

Consider Resource Capacities

In a domain and email package, there are some features with certain capacities such as CPU, RAM, SSD, and more. The more expensive package must provide them with bigger capacities. It has been mentioned in point 2 that you must choose a package with capacities that are in line with your website. But more than that, you must also think about the limit of the capacity of each feature.
So, the first thing to do is learn about what kind of web or blog to make, whether it will upload many pictures and videos or not. Consider also whether the web will have many pages or not. Yes, while you don’t need to buy a package with too big capacities, make sure also that there is still space in the CPU, RAM, and others. When the limit is too small, it can cause errors on your web. Consequently, your web may not be accessible.

Think about Security Features

It has been mentioned above that there are some must-have features. Well, the security feature is one of them. The security feature may consist of some tools that you can see when setting up a domain. For example, they are antivirus, antimalware, and more. No matter how small and personal your blog is, there are always possibilities for threats like viruses and hacks. Even it is not bad to spend more money on the feature. It is a really good investment anyway.

If it is possible, while choosing a domain name and email hosting, you can also choose a hosting service with support like Cloudflare, Railgun, Imunify360, and more. Those security supports are known to be credible with good reputations. Make sure to upgrade them regularly. Doing backups to your content is important also for your web security and longevity.

Choose a Hosting with Clear Details

The best website to buy domain must face hosting service packages with clear details. There must be details of capacities of storage as well as other tools and supports. Make sure also that the provider has an administrator service. If there is something unclear about the details you can ask first before buying.
It is completely your right to ask about details of the product package. In case the feature or tool is not the same as what has been mentioned, sure, you can complain or even get the money back. Yes, for the sake of your website or blog, it is really important to have the best domain hosting services.

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