6 Factors to Consider when You Choose the Best Domain Hosting Services for Business

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 The secret of a website that has high popularity is its domain hosting service. A website with a top-quality hosting service will be able to provide the best experience for its user. Therefore, all website owners must have one or more best domain hosting services for their website. But, it is not that simple. Finding the best hosting provider could be quite challenging. Here, we will help you with that. Below, we have six factors you can consider before choosing the hosting service.

1. Uptime

People might think that finding the cheapest domain and hosting is the first thing they should do. That’s not wrong. But, for a better user experience, you should consider the uptime quality of that website hosting provider.

Uptime is the capability to provide the best performance in a certain period. So, if you use a hosting provider with higher uptime, your website will be able to run smoothly most of the time. For that reason, find the domain service provider that has close to 100% uptime. Mostly, the best quality hosting provider provides 99% of uptime. That is enough to make your website run in top performance almost all the time.

Why is uptime important? A website hosting service with a low uptime level works very slowly. When someone clicks your website link to visit it, they have to wait for a while to open your website. In the worst case, your website couldn’t be opened because the server is too busy. That will make you lose more visitors. Moreover, Google also sees your website has low organic search value. Your website then gets a lower rank on its search result page.

So, even if the hosting provider offers a package where you can get a domain for free or other free bonuses make sure you check its uptime level. The lower the uptime level it offered the bad thing you will get from them. Avoid them and choose the one with the highest uptime.

2. Storage Capacity

Many of the best domain hosting services offers choices of storage capacity in their servers. Therefore, you also should consider this factor before you choose the service. However, we do not recommend you pick the service with the biggest storage capacity. Choose one that your website will need.

For example, if you use your website to provide information and email, you may choose the hosting service provider with low storage capacity. That would be enough for a domain name and email hosting. However, if you use your website to handle big web traffic or keep a huge size of data, like images or video, find the hosting service with the largest storage capacity. You need that size to ensure your website runs smoothly.

There is one exception, though. If you could find a hosting service that provides a domain and email package with an unlimited storage feature, you don’t have to worry about all those things. Use them and you can relax and use your website for anything that you like.

3. Traffic Limit

Many website hosting providers have a traffic limit policy. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know about this policy. Mostly, we thought that our website could accept as many visitors as we wanted. But, that is wrong. Your website has a limit of how many visitors can visit it every month. What happens if the limit were exceeded?

There are two things that most website domain and hosting providers do. They can charge you an extra fee whenever your website goes over the limit. The other one, which is also the worst one, is they will stop opening your website. Therefore, when people click the link to the website after your website has passed the monthly traffic, they can’t open it.

Therefore, whenever you want to buy domain name and hosting, make sure you read all the policies that the hosting provider has. Find only the provider with unlimited web traffic to ensure that problems will not occur in the future. Otherwise, you will get in a lot of trouble, especially if you use your website for your business or as an online store.

4. Loading Speed

Loading speed mostly is all about how good the server that the hosting provider has. A higher spec server will provide better loading speed. Why is it matter? A website with a slow loading speed won’t stay for a long time. The people that visit and use the website will choose to leave it because the process to open a page is too long. They don’t want to wait and be delayed by that. Moreover, today’s people want to get everything faster, especially with a much faster internet connection.

Additionally, Google also prefers to recommend a website that has fast loading speed. It is all because one of the values they use to provide the search result is user experience. A website with a slow loading speed only gives a bad experience for its visitor. This loading speed also affects your website's Google page rank. So, choose only the provider with the highest loading speed every time you get a domain and email hosting.

5. Data Protection and Security

When you create a website, you will store data in the server that the hosting provider owns. It means you leave your data in the other person's computer. Therefore, it has a risk of leaking or being used without your permission. You don’t want that to happen, especially when you use your website for your business or company. With so much high valued data on your website, a leak will lead to the end of your business.

Therefore, whenever you want to buy a hosting service or setting up a domain on a specific hosting provider, make sure you check their data protection feature. Use only the domain hosting service with the best and multi-layered protection. If you could find that kind of service, that is one of the best domain hosting services you can use. 

6. Customer Support

Customer support will help you to solve all problems you have on your website. They also will answer all questions about the hosting service. Therefore, the best domain hosting service must offer the best customer support

To choose the best customer support for hosting service, there are two things you can use here. They are the support availability and response speed. As for the availability, it must be 24/7. The response speed also must be higher. At least, within an hour you can get the response that you need. Once you find the place that offers that kind of customer support that is the best website to buy domain and hosting service.


As you can see, it is easy to find the best hosting provider by considering those factors. Now, you can get the best hosting for your website. No need to use free business email without domain anymore. You can use the email with your domain name for a business.

If you still had any problem finding which hosting service you want to use, try to read the testimonials from other customers. And do not forget to compare each service you have found. That will help you to filter the hosting service provider. In the end, you will get the best domain hosting services for your website.

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