Understanding 6 Types of Best Domain Hosting Services


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There are several types of best domain hosting services available nowadays. If you want to use one of them, you have to learn about the type thoroughly. Once you understand it, you will know which one can meet your needs.

Do not rush and take your time in this process. Otherwise, you will end up switching your current web hosting to another type. Here are explanations about web hosting options.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is suitable for people who search for the most basic web hosting type. This type offers the cheapest domain and hosting and is easy to set up. From the name, you can guess how it works and why it is affordable. 

This hosting is setting up a domain by splitting resources to run it. Using shared hosting allows you to share resources with other websites. It uses a singular server to share the websites.

It works like sharing an apartment with roommates. Although you have your own room, you will share other common spaces in the house. It includes sharing water, electricity, etc.

That is why shared hosting is more effective in cost and definitely saves you some money. This hosting type becomes a great option for you who are on entry-level websites. Besides, shared hosting also fits one who runs a small website.

Shared hosting makes each website on the server have limited resources. Additionally, the performance might affect another website on the same server. So, if your website gets a traffic spike, another website on the same server will also get a similar issue.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server or commonly called VPS offers a step above compared to shared web hosting. The owners upgrade the website domain and hosting to a VPS because their websites are expanding. It outgrows the limit from their shared plan.

Although VPS hosting has become one of the best domain hosting services, it also has its drawbacks. Through this hosting, your website still uses a single server and shares with other websites.

VPS hosting has the main server to be shared with other sites. Yet, VPS allows your websites to have dedicated resources. So, you will share a lower number of websites.

This hosting name represents how the server runs. It works by splitting the main server into multiple virtual servers. It enables these virtual servers customized by the individual websites.

It offers you more resources and makes your site perform better. You can enjoy the benefit of higher uptime rates and faster loading time. Release your worry about the site crash caused by another website.
VPS hosting is best suited for medium-sized businesses. They buy domain name and hosting to expect better performance on their websites.

WordPress Hosting

Some of you may already be familiar with WordPress hosting. It works by optimizing WordPress to be your content management system. This hosting type includes Shared WordPress hosting and Managed WordPress hosting. 

Shared WordPress hosting offers domain name and email hosting. It works almost similar to regular shared hosting. However, you have to pre-install WordPress.

Meanwhile, Managed WordPress hosting provides you with more added benefits. You can enhance the security system, staging, server caching, and faster speed on loading. It allows you to get domain and email hosting as well.

WordPress hosting provides added specifically designed security for websites running on WordPress. This hosting is mostly used all over the world. That is why it may have a higher risk of cybercrime.

By considering the previous explanation, it is recommended to add security to this hosting. So, you had better add a security system for this hosting. Through this, you can enjoy the benefits without worrying about cybercrime risks.

WordPress hosting is only specified for WordPress users. The web hosting type can affect your site. So, you can only optimize your WordPress site if you have WordPress hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting includes the types of best domain hosting services that can meet your needs. It enables you to use dedicated servers only for you. You will not share the domain and email package with others.

By using dedicated hosting, you can enjoy more benefits. Compared to the previously mentioned hosting, this type gives you faster speed and more uptime. However, it also has its drawbacks.

After knowing how this hosting type works, you may be able to guess its price. Among other hostings, dedicated hosting is the most expensive one. It happens because you will not share resources, including anything else, to other websites.

Your site will run in its peak performance. You can have complete technical control on the server settings. It enables you to choose the configurations, software, and everything that you need.

By using dedicated hosting, you can expect extremely fast loading speed and high uptime rates. Your site will have better performance and does not get the traffic impact from other websites.

Having dedicated hosting is like owning a house which is all for you. These hosting plans are mostly chosen or enterprise-level websites.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting works almost like a VPS but in a hybrid version. It comes in multiple remote servers that have different responsibilities on each. Although it may be a little chance to get a domain for free here, this hosting plan is more effective in cost.

Let say one of the servers has a problem, the other servers will handle those responsibilities. It will take over the slack and solve the performance issue.

Over the best domain hosting services, Cloud web hosting is one of them. It happens because of its appealing option to the traditional hosting plan. If the traditional web hosting has only a single server, the cloud hosting offers you multiple server resources.

This hosting plan also offers you higher uptime rates. So, your site will not get unexpected downtime because of server errors. You will see that your website will perform at a high level and remain fluid.

Cloud hosting can be the best choice for both medium and large business websites. It makes your websites grow at a fast rate. However, you should check further information if you want to receive free business email without domain.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting plan involves clients buying hosting services. They will search for the best website to buy domain. Yet, this does not mean every client.

This hosting plan is only suitable for one who wants to sell web hosting to other websites. It is also known as white label web hosting, which lets you buy hosting from a selected provider and resell the services to clients.

As a reseller, you allow your clients to choose from one of the pricing options provided. This plan enables you to pay the wholesale rates to your provider. Thus, you can earn a lot of profit margin by having this hosting plan.

The above explanation shows that reseller hosting fits only for agencies, web developers, and web designers. It is suitable for those who already have clients. Through this plan, they can add the hosting plan to one of their services.

The good thing about reseller hosting is its sustainability. As a web designer, your services may be temporary. So, you can offer this hosting plan to your clients.

Aside from setting the offered prices to clients, you can also enjoy other benefits from this hosting plan. Moreover, you can improve your services and provide the best domain hosting services.

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